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MI: *stopped response without frame

I'm running in a case where *stopped response does not include frame
information, while I think it should. Here's log:

   Writing to gdb: -exec-next
   MI reply: ^running
   MI stop reason running
   MI reply: (gdb)
   MI reply: ~"[Thread -1210950736 (LWP 24385) exited]\n"
   MI reply: ~"Thread Event Breakpoint: gdb should not stop!\n"
   MI reply: *stopped,reason="end-stepping-range",thread-id="2"

I get this by stopping in a threaded program, and then invoking "next"
command several times.

I've two questions:

1. Why is *stopped respose with "end-stepping-range" as reason does not
   include frame information?
2. What does

       Thread Event Breakpoint: gdb should not stop!


I've also possible answer to those questions: the situation happens when one
of the thread exits (i.e. it's inside __nptl_death_event). But then,
-stack-list-frames has no problems showing we're inside __nptl_death_event,
so either stop reason should be something different, line "thread-exited",
or *stopped reply should include frame.


- Volodya

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