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Re: [discuss] Support for reverse-execution

Paul Schlie wrote:
Alternatively to attempting to specify an interface to a lone commercial
reversible simulator,

I don't think that's what we're doing -- these commands are meant to be generically useful, as soon as anyone else can support backwards execution.

or presume the intelligence need be "remote" to GDB;

We're not doing that either -- the user interface makes no assumption about the target interface.

I wonder if it may be more sensible to consider initially defining the basic
generic facilities by which GDB may directly support undoable/reversible
execution, and checkpoint features.

Well, that's an idea that some of us (me, at least...) have thought about too -- but it's, if not orthogonal, at least separable from this discussion. If gdb asks the target to step backwards or continue backwards, we really don't care how the target accomplishes this (eg. whether by restoring a saved state, or actually reversing the execution of individual instructions).

I've thought all along that the "bookmark" idea is separable
from the "run backwards" idea.

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