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Re: How do I get regexp from expect at gdb_expect?

> > The next command, '200-break-list' is in both the 'expect_out(buffer)'
> > and in the 'expect_out(0,string)'. This leads me to believe that there
> > is something wrong with the regular expression matching. It can match
> > things that it shouldn't, which could mask problems.
> > 
> > I don't really understand what you are saying about 'GDB is echoing
> > commands'. I do understand that when you are at the terminal running
> > GDB, GDB allows the terminal to 'echo' the char's typed. However, if you
> > fork/exec GDB, and send it a command, it will not 'echo' the data back
> > to your process. Isn't this the way Expect works?
> Expect works on a terminal.  It's not instrumenting GDB to find out
> what GDB is writing; it's accepting whatever input comes to its side of
> the terminal.  Which includes things echoed by the terminal.  In
> readline mode GDB turns off echo and provides the echo manually; in MI
> mode, it does not touch the terminal, which echoes by default.
> It's just your patterns that are producing a difference.

OOOOOO, Thanks! I didn't realize Expect use's the terminal in this way,
I think re-writing the mi_gdb_test regex from this,
   -re "\[\r\n\]*($pattern)\[\r\n\]+$mi_gdb_prompt\[ \]*$" {
to this,
   -re "\[\r\n\]*$command(\[\r\n\]*(($pattern)\[\r\n\]+$mi_gdb_prompt\[ \]*$))" {

solve's the problem!

It also tighten's up the MI output command matching, I honestly don't
know how the -break-delete was getting eaten in the regular expression,
unless $pattern happened to have a .*. Oops, in that case, I guess we
aren't really validation much, anything could have come out of GDB, and
it probably would have passed.

I'll consider adding this patch to the testsuite once I find the rest of
the testcase's that make the MI output command syntax checker fail.

Bob Rossi

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