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Re: internal-error: insert_step_resume_breakpoint_at_sal

Nick Roberts wrote:
> > Second time:
> > > > #0 internal_error (file=0x8221657 "infrun.c", line=2668, > > string=0x81ef7a1 "%s: Assertion `%s' failed.") at utils.c:789
> > #1 0x080fbdda in insert_step_resume_breakpoint_at_sal (sr_sal=
> > {symtab = 0x0, section = 0x0, line = 0, pc = 134872212, end = 0}, sr_id=
> > {stack_addr = 3221220224, code_addr = 134872206, special_addr = 0, stack_addr_p = 1, code_addr_p = 1, special_addr_p = 0}) at infrun.c:2672
> > ... and this sal/id look identical (true?).

Well symtab = 0x0 looks unassigned to me.

More likely not-found, what's at that address?

> This suggests that rather than inserting two different step-resume > breakpoints it's inserting the same one twice (for possibly different > reasons).
> > Is it possible to determine exactly why the step-resume breakpoint is > being inserted for each of these cases? If we know that the testsuite > becomes possible, and with a testsuite a fix.

You'll probably need to give me a few clues. First time round,
stop_signal = TARGET_SIGNAL_0,
 and second time,
stop_signal = TARGET_SIGNAL_IO.

Does that tell you anything?

It makes me wonder if the inferior got an I/O signal and GDB to trying to skip that simultaneous to something else. That, however, is idle speculation on my part. It might be able to test this by modifying gdb.base/sigstep.c to schedule two signals instead of one.

Can you capture the output from "set debug infrun 1"? It should help.


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