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gdb: Error accessing memory address 0x4000af50: Input/output error.


On my Mandrake 9.1 linux and Pentium-4 / 2GB RAM machine ANY debuggers CAN NOT 
debug ANY application due to this email subject. The subject error occurs 
always I try to insert breakpoint.

Debuggers tested: 
gdb 5.3-22mdk, gdb 6.3 compiled from sources, ups 3.38 beta2 from sources.

Kernel tested: various 2.4.21 with himem config on/off as gone as binaries 
from Mandrake, and compiled from Mandrake sources. Also I tried to load as 
minimum kernel modules as possible.

Note, on my home machine amd-k6-2 / 220M all works fine!

What's the reason of such an error?

P.S. I have read mailing lists. Some people report similar 'bug'. But detailed 
research of their texts show this bug was rare enough and appeared due to 
various exotic reasons such as 'debugging a 32-bit application by 64-bit 
gdb'. I thrust my case is trivial and does not depend on given debugger. But 
I really cant' imagine what's the reason?
Please replay me directly if possible, not to gdb mailing list only.

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