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Re: GDB/MI Output Syntax

> I understand your point here. Here's the state of affair's as far as I
> see it
> I want to write a curses based front end to GDB. I looked at the
> alternatives for communicating with GDB and found that MI was the
> documented way to do this. So, with that in mind I started to look for a
> parser and grammar and none were found. This frustrated me cause i
> didn't want to write one, so I suggested GDB output XML. Everyone
> hated this idea. So, I decided to write the parser that everyone else
> could use from here on out, so no one would have to reinvent the wheel.
> I've already put some effort into the MI and this is the point that I'm
> currently at. The goal I'm shooting for is to use this parser to really
> validate the output of the MI. Better than is being done know. Make sure
> the syntax and the semantics are perfect.
> Basically, I'm not looking into writing a whole new frame work for
> communicating with GDB, I just want to improve what's already there.
> Thanks,
> Bob Rossi

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