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Re: macros, debug information, and parse_macro_definition

On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 12:16 PM, Keith Walker wrote:

At 11:55 29/04/2003 -0400, Daniel Berlin wrote:
It's trivial to do macro information compression, unlike normal dwarf2 info compression, because the macro info has no references. It is what it is. With a smart algorithm (it's a bit tricky to keep the semantics the same after merging all the macro infos), you could simply take all the macro infos, merge them, make one macro info, and point all the debug sections at it.
I think, anyway.

I'm not sure whether your comment is about macro info in general or about macro info in DWARF2.

Unfortunately, for DWARF2 debugging information, I don't think it is quite so easy in that the macro information can include file start/end entries which refer to file entries in the associated line number information -
I'm aware, i wrote GCC's DWARF2 macro info support.

so you would also have to do something about merging the line number tables as well;
This is also trivial, since it's just going to require updating an attribute on all the DIEs, not moving/removing DIE's (which is the only real thing that generates problems in merging DWARF2 info).

and hence update all other entries that refer to the file entries.
Still trivial compared to what you have to do for DWARF2 info in general.


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