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Re: macros, debug information, and parse_macro_definition

These encodings are simple enough that I wouldn't expect them to change over time.

I would think it more likely that there would be a bug, either in
gcc's encoding of them or in gdb's processing of them.  And if the
code is duplicated, then both locations need to be modified to fix the
bug -- with the attendant risk that someone will modify one and forget
to modify the other.  Or will modify it, but accidentally make it
slightly different.

I don't know how people would feel about having STABS have a
description of the encoding combined with a caveat that the DWARF
2.0.0 spec is authoritative.  I would certainly prefer that the STABS
document remain self contained.

I think this is a good strategy. It's already a ``gcc extension'', and stealing an existing (known to be working) spec is always a good strategy :-)

Have you thought about link time information compression? One of the complaints leveled at the macro stuff is the size of the resultant debug info.


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