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problems cross-compiling gcc + uClibc + gdb


on an i386 linux system, I've cross-compiled gcc and newlib as follows:

../gcc-3.2.2/configure --prefix=/home/brdsutte/embedded/build-gcc --enable-target-optspace --with-newlib --target=arm-elf
gmake all install

Then, I've build uClibc with CROSS=arm-elf- as follows:

make KERNEL_SOURCE=/home/brdsutte/embedded/linux TARGET_ARCH=arm

the linux kernel I used for that compilation (i.e. who's headers are 
used during the compilation of uClibc) was a standard linux 2.4.19, 
patched with patch-2.4.19-rmk7 for the arm, and then configured for 

I then compiled gdb as follows:

../gdb+dejagnu-20030417/configure --prefix=/home/brdsutte/embedded/build-gdb --target=arm-elf
gmake all install

When I run a hello world program that I compiled with arm-elf-gcc using 
arm-elf-gdb, everything works all right, but when I compile the same 
program with arm-uclibc-gcc, trying to run the program results in the 

[brdsutte at elrond vb]$ arm-linux-run b.out
sim: unknown SWI encountered - 900036 - ignoring

One of the differences between the two version of the programs is that 
the newlib version only contains system calls swi 0x00123456, while 
the uClibc version contains system calls such as swi 0x00900001

Is there a way to have gdb handle these system calls, or do I need to 
change the way system calls are implemented in uClibc?

I am not on this mailing list, so please respond to my emailaddress as 

Thanks in advance,

Bjorn De Sutter
  Postdoctoral Fellow of the Fund for Scientific Research -- Flanders
  affiliated with Ghent University, currently at IBM TJ Watson Research Lab
  brdsutte at elis dot ugent dot be     

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