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stabs and macro information

Currently, when invoked with -gdwarf-2 -g3, gcc will record macro
information in a .debug_macinfo elf section.  And when presented with
an executable containing macro information in a .debug_macinfo
section, gdb will make use of it.

Many companies, including EMC, still use stabs.  So...  it would be
nice if the same was true of stabs.

To that end, I have started to implement this.

The GCC side of things took less than a day to implement; I'm hoping
to get started on the GDB side soon.

One question I have is what stabs types to use -- tentatively I'm using:

    /* GNU extension.  Macro define.  */
    __define_stab(N_MAC_DEFINE, 0x36, "MAC_DEFINE")

    /* GNU extension.  Macro undefine.  */
    __define_stab(N_MAC_UNDEF, 0x3a, "MAC_UNDEF")

as it appears (based on gcc/stab.def, include/aout/stab.def, and
gdb/doc/stabs.texinfo) that 0x36 and 0x3a are available.

Is anyone aware of any other uses of stab types 0x36 and 0x3a --
i.e. is anyone aware of uses that might conflict?



p.s. shouldn't include/aout/stab.def and gcc/stab.def be merged?
David Taylor
dtaylor at emc dot com

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