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Re: bug in gdb.mi/mi-file.exp (or maybe in GDB)

On Wed, Apr 09, 2003 at 01:01:41PM -0700, David Carlton wrote:
> When I run gdb.mi/mi-file.exp, I get this failure:
> FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-file.exp: request path info of current source file (basics.c)
> Presumably nobody else is seeing this because I'm the only weirdo who
> builds in source.  I think it's probably a testsuite bug instead of a
> GDB bug, but I don't know exactly what the relevant MI command is
> supposed to do, so I'll just show you what I'm seeing: gdb.log says:
>   111^done,line="23",file="gdb.mi/basics.c",fullname="/extra/gdb/mirror/src/gdb/testsuite/gdb.mi/basics.c"
> whereas mi-file.exp is looking for:
>   "111\\\^done,line=\"23\",file=\"${srcfilepath}\",fullname=\"/.*/${srcfile}\""

This is what I get, which passes

> where ${srcfilepath} is defined by:
>   set srcfilepath [string_to_regexp ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${srcfile}]
> So the test seems to expect 'file' to be the fully qualified path and
> for 'fullname' to be anything random that starts with a slash and ends
> right.  Whereas I'm not getting a fully qualified path for 'file'.
> So: is 'file' really supposed to be a fully qualified path?  If so,
> what's the difference between 'file' and 'fullname'? 

file should be the path that gdb has always produced. The relative path
to the source file given from where it was compiled. Its basically what
you should get when you do 'info sources'.

fullname should be the absolute path to the source file.
I only tested it for starting with a / and ending with basics.c because
that seemed to be a good and easy way to ensure the file was absolute.

> Should 'file' match .*${srcfile}
> (without any slashes) and 'fullname' match ${srcfilepath}?

I think your suggestion of what file should match is a good one.
The fullname match should probably not change. Since ${srcfilepath} is not
guaranteed to be the absolute path to the source file.

> Also, should gdb.mi have its own ChangeLog?  It's being used
> inconsistently, since most of the recent entries got put in
> testsuite/ChangeLog.
> David Carlton
> carlton at math dot stanford dot edu

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