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bug in gdb.mi/mi-file.exp (or maybe in GDB)

When I run gdb.mi/mi-file.exp, I get this failure:

FAIL: gdb.mi/mi-file.exp: request path info of current source file (basics.c)

Presumably nobody else is seeing this because I'm the only weirdo who
builds in source.  I think it's probably a testsuite bug instead of a
GDB bug, but I don't know exactly what the relevant MI command is
supposed to do, so I'll just show you what I'm seeing: gdb.log says:


whereas mi-file.exp is looking for:


where ${srcfilepath} is defined by:

  set srcfilepath [string_to_regexp ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${srcfile}]

So the test seems to expect 'file' to be the fully qualified path and
for 'fullname' to be anything random that starts with a slash and ends
right.  Whereas I'm not getting a fully qualified path for 'file'.

So: is 'file' really supposed to be a fully qualified path?  If so,
what's the difference between 'file' and 'fullname'?  (Judging from
the manual, I don't see why 'file' should be an absolute path, but
maybe I'm missing something.)  Should 'file' match .*${srcfile}
(without any slashes) and 'fullname' match ${srcfilepath}?

Also, should gdb.mi have its own ChangeLog?  It's being used
inconsistently, since most of the recent entries got put in

David Carlton
carlton at math dot stanford dot edu

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