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Frame handling

Hi all,

I am working on the ip2k port of GDB. It has been stable for some time now
but I ran out of time to get it reviewed before I went on holiday and now I
am trying to bring it up to date with the trunk again.

I merged with the trunk on March 17 - big mistake... frame handling was
cauing big problems.... looked like a partical update to a new approach.

I have just checked out the trunk today and it looks like a number of the
ports are using the new frame handling approach.

Is the trunk considered ok ATM or is the frame handling still in unstable
daily development?

What port would you recommend for reference for frame handling? The MIPS
port is using deprecated frame functions.

BTW - The stack-backtraces have a second problem as well... GDB is ment to
stop at 'main' but the symbol lookup fails. In the applications that I am
testing the symbol 'main' is a weak alias and this seams to be a general
problem in the symbol lookup.

I would appreciate your advice.



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