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Re: Add fullname to breakpoint output

On Saturday, April 5, 2003, at 09:28 AM, Andrew Cagney wrote:

In my view, the CLI should aim at minimalism, since a human being is scanning it and too much information would be confusing. The MI is intended to be scanned by a program, so we should feel free to cram in whatever might be useful - within reason of course... For this reason, when we found PB needed an extra bit of data which might not be so useful to the CLI user, we would just add it to the MI only. This is a little unsatisfying in implementation, since it means you have
if (ui_out_is_mi_like (uiout))
scattered through non-interpreter specific code. But this is better than cluttering up the CLI output for stuff that is more interesting to a front-end...

Just FYI, the current intermingling of CLI and MI code is short term - get something working. Medium to long term, the two need to be more cleanly separated. Related to this is separating more of the CLI from core GDB.

Yes, this is a desirable goal. Have you thought about how to do this?

The best way I can think of is to have a new ui_out that builds up an intermediate representation for results that is easy to access randomly - making up real lists & dictionaries from the ui_out_field_xxx and list & table stuff. Then we could banish ui_out_text & friends to the CLI commands to take the whole result, pull bits out in the order they expected, and annotate them with text, newlines, etc, in order to make a nice display.

In practice, this will be gnarly to get right, but you could do it incrementally by getting the intermediate rep. ui_out working, then fix the CLI commands one by one by swapping in the new ui_out for those commands you had fixed, and using the old CLI one for the commands you hadn't gotten working...

Idle Saturday speculation, maybe...

Jim Ingham jingham at apple dot com
Developer Tools - gdb

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