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Re: testing current target (in gdb code)

Andrew Cagney <ac131313 at redhat dot com> writes:
> > So I'd like to use GDB's software-single-stepping facility for those
> > cases where I can't use hardware (thanks to Kevin Buettner who told me
> > where to find it!); however, I'd still like to use hardware
> > single-stepping when possible as it seems likely to always be reliable
> > in some corner case or another, no matter how careful I am.
> See: SOFTWARE_SINGLE_STEP is backwards/sideways

That's interesting, and it's good to see that the gdb maintainers are
thinking about it (the suggested change sounds great to me), but is
such a change likely to happen any time soon?

If not, I guess I've got to play by the old cranky rules...

Anyway, it looks like there's some relevant discussion in the ML
archives so hopefully I can find some tips there (yeah I know I ought to
do that _before_ posting my question... :-)


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