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Re: makeinfo with gdb.texinfo

Ben Elliston <bje at wasabisystems dot com> writes:

|> Eli Zaretskii wrote:
|> >Actually, it's a deliberately programmed feature.  It's even described
|> >in the manual: relative file names are interpreted as being relative
|> >to one of the directories mentioned in the INFOPATH environment
|> >variable (or in the default Info search path if INFOPATH is
|> >undefined).
|> >
|> >It mimics the behavior of a Unix shell when searching for executable
|> >programs: the current directory is never searched, unless you have "."
|> >in your PATH.
|> >
|> One could argue that there is a fundamental difference between a shell and
|> other programs: the shell executes programs; most others treat their
|> arguments as input files.

But most other programs don't use a search path for their input files.
Compare with the C preprocessor, which distinguishes between <...> and


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