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Re: makeinfo with gdb.texinfo

Eli Zaretskii wrote:

Actually, it's a deliberately programmed feature.  It's even described
in the manual: relative file names are interpreted as being relative
to one of the directories mentioned in the INFOPATH environment
variable (or in the default Info search path if INFOPATH is

It mimics the behavior of a Unix shell when searching for executable
programs: the current directory is never searched, unless you have "."
in your PATH.

One could argue that there is a fundamental difference between a shell and other programs: the shell executes programs; most others treat their arguments as input files. In the context of a shell, it makes sense to apply a search path to prevent users from accidentally executing the wrong program. You will note that it is not necessary to run `gdb ./a.out' to debug a program of that name in the current working directory. In the case of Info, the behaviour you describe creates, in practice, more problems than it solves.

Cheers, Ben

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