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Re: [rfc] xfailed tests in gdb.c++/classes.exp

Sorry for losing this message (again).

On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 02:53:00PM -0800, David Carlton wrote:
> I've been looking at the xfailed tests in gdb.c++/classes.exp, and
> some of the xfails aren't too convincing.  Specifically, the tests
> that I'm looking at do ptypes of C++ data structures, and several of
> the xfails fall into one or both of these categories:
> 1) GDB prints "class X { public: ... }" when the programmer originally
>    wrote "struct X { ... }".

Hmm, this should definitely be eiter a pass or an XFAIL.  If you want
to let it pass, I'm fine with that decision.

> 2) GDB prints "class X { private: int x; ... }" when the programmer
>    originally wrote "class X { int x; ... }".

This should either be a PASS or be corrected.  Do you think that it's
more logical to print it as above or should we just elide the private?

I think we have already got logic to do this, so it might be an
outright bug that we don't.

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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