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Re: [maint] GDB needs more local maintainers


I'm throwing the buck back at you, as the project administrator.

You appear to be suggesting that I've dropped the buck :-(

I had strong reservations about including certain details in my response to David. I even considered omiting certain information. However, I decided it was in this lists interest to provide as honest a response as possible. Unfortunatly, the post received the somewhat predictable comments:

So far, the response has been for several people to drop
responsibilities.  In at least some of those cases an area with a small
number of maintainers went to an even smaller number of maintainers,
instead of floating back into the "global" space.  How do you think
that helps anything?

As I've already noted, that thread re-raised some issues of concern (one being non-responsive maintainers) and I am following them through. This takes time and a little appreciation of that would be helpful.


(Again, recall that I sent out an e-mail to the global maintainers noting that GDB had certain `hot' areas.)

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