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Re: Status of Ada support in GDB?

Hi Joel,
Joel Brobecker <brobecker at gnat dot com> writes:

> Andreas,
>> Trying to debug some Ada problems in GCC I noticed that GDB comes with
>> Ada support files but does not link them at all, they just seem to be
>> there for cosmetic :-(
> Let me explain a bit the history behind these files, and why they are
> not linked in yet. 

Thanks for the background.

> We, at ACT, are the original authors of these files, and have been
> planning on submitting them for inclusion in the FSF tree as soon as
> possible. There is no doubt in our minds that this would be beneficial
> to everybody: the GDB community, the free software community, the Ada
> community, and also ACT itself. So we are trying very hard on our side
> to get this done. Unfortunately, due to commercial pressure and lack of
> resources, we haven't be able to get this done yet.
> So maybe a year ago, ACT made a "code dropping": our sources-du-jour
> were made available for download on the ftp site.
> The hope was that some people might find it useful, while we keep making
> progress on cleaning up our code to get it to a state where it would be
> acceptable for inclusion.
> Somebody outside of ACT actually volunteered to merge these changes into
> the FSF tree for us. He started by first sending a new patch that was
> this time against the current sources (instead of current against an old
> 5.1 snapshot). He then checked in the ada-* files, and started cleaning
> them up. The plan was for him to (more or less): cleanup these files,
> add the bits in the makefiles to compile them in, and then activate
> slowly all the ada functionality. Unfortunately, as it often happens,
> this volunteer found a day job, and found that he could not spend time
> on this task anymore.
> So ACT is picking up the task again. We are getting much closer to
> having something we can submit, one of our part-time consultant is
> working full-time (if I may say so) on it. In the meantime, could you

I'm glad to hear about this commitment!

> try using the 5.1.1-based sources that we made available through

I need a gdb to debug problems on x86-64 - and that architecture is
only supported since gdb 5.2, so your 5.1.1 changes will not help me

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs aj at suse dot de
   private aj at arthur dot inka dot de

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