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Re: ARI `asection' and `sec_ptr'

On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 01:43:26AM -0500, Andrew Cagney wrote:


Assuming I'm reading the code right. BFD has the declarations:

typedef struct sec
} asection;
typedef struct sec *sec_ptr;

GDB uses all three (sec_ptr, asection, struct sec) and that makes things pretty confusing. Consequently, I've added asection and sec_ptr to the ARI. Instead people can use `struct sec *' which is consistent with GDB's other types.

Must you?  BFD makes a conscious effort to (almost always) use
asection* in its interfaces.  If you want to reduce bfd.h includes,
solve this one in BFD too.

Que? Where, in the above did I mention #includes? As I pointed out, GDB uses all three of these vis:

	asection *foo;
	sec_ptr foo;
	struct sec *foo;

so unless the developer happens to know this relationship, they can miss some vital relationships.

GDB's preference is `struct sec' however, yes, BFD may have other preferences. You'll note that I've already sent out a patch to clarify the status of `struct _bfd'.


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