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Re: Multi-Arch symbol read warning message

Andrew Cagney writes:

I am building a multi-arch version of GDB for handling ELF format core files for the ARM and PowerPC processors running on vxWorks. In order to get everything to build I combined the information from

Hmm, cute.

This sort of sounds like I might using multi-arch in a different from intended ( or normal to date ). I did notice that most of the other stuff was supporting a single processor class across multiple OS environments.

Is there any reason this shouldn't work?

I also had an ambiguity problem with --enable-targets=all in bfd and had to
specifically build those with --enable-targets=strongarm-coff, powerpc-elf, strongarm-elf ( possibly arm-elf, I don't have access to the build tree at this instant).

I posted a WIP patch for this several years ago but never got around to integrating it (there wasn't sufficient immediate needed). Now that most architectures are multi-arch, it is definitly time to integrate such a change.

You mean a patch for my symbol read warnings? Can you point me to it?

Can you contribute this stuff?

Yes, I was planning on talking to you folks about this once I got it working. Obviously I don't want to make my first contribution a brain-damaged hack. Not that I'm necessary opposed to brain-damaged hacks as anyone who has downloaded my stuff from freshmeat can attest....


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