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Re: Multi-Arch symbol read warning message

Jim Blandy writes:

If you set a breakpoint
on the appropriate 'complaint' call in dbxread.c:read_dbx_symtab and
'print namestring' when you get there, what does it say?


Thanks for the prompt response, the namestring value is below.

Breakpoint 3, read_dbx_symtab (objfile=0x2b3c38) at dbxread.c:2024
2024 complain (&unknown_symchar_complaint, p[1]);
(top-gdb) print namestring
$1 = 0xbd089f "(10,7)=##(10,6);:;2A.;;"

It complains about the ';' symbol, I believe its the one in front of 2A.

Its kind of interesting that this only occurs when I specify the arm-vxworks target, if I build a powerpc-vxworks target it doesn't happen.

It turns out that if I set the stop-whining value higher there are a number of other messages (several thousand, most of which seem to dups with different memory locations, possible the result of multiple library links or something).

I picked some at random and included an example of our build flags (we're using gcc from Wind River). I don't see any problems from this, but that may be because we use this version of GDB only for our core files.

It may also be significant that the host is Solaris.

Here's the supported architecture info:

(gdb) info architectures
Supported architectures are:
[arm] [armv2] [armv2a] [armv3] [armv3m] [armv4] [armv4t] [armv5] [armv5t]
[armv5te] [xscale] [powerpc:common] [rs6000:6000] [rs6000:rs1] [rs6000:rsc]

Here's an example of our build flags:

/vob/TORNADO/host/sun4-solaris2/bin/ccppc -pipe -ansi -I. -DCPU= PPCEC603 -mcpu=PPCEC603 -mstrict-align -msoft-float -DVXWORKS -D__vxworks__=1 -fno-builtin -nostdinc -nostdlib -fvolatile -fno-defer-pop -g -O2 -Wpointer-arit h -I/vob/ip/include -I/vob/infra/include -I/vob/TORNADO/target/h -Wp,-MD,.deps/TORNADO/target/src/wv/mumble.d -fno-builtin -c /vob/TORNADO/target/src/wv/mumble.c -o TORNADO/target/src/wv/mumble.o

Here's some other example of "problem" namestring values,

1: "(100,39)=##(100,38);:;2A.;;"
1: "(100,46)=##(100,45);:;2A.;;"
1: "(100,52)=##(100,51);:;2A.;;"
1: "(101,
1: "(101,12)=##(101,11);:;2A.;;"
1: "(101,12)=#(101,6),(101,9),(101,9),(0,20);:__Q310radix_node4$_834$_84;2A.;;, 0,96;\\"
"(101,19)=#(101,13),(101,16),(101,16),(0,20);:__Q310radix_node4$_834$_85;2A. ;

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