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Re: [maint] The GDB maintenance process

When I was maintaining Guile, I ended up replacing my dictatorship
with a group of four maintainers --- Mikael Djurfeldt, Maciej
Stachowiak, and Marius Vollmer.  Any one of those guys I trusted as
much as I trust myself.  There was no risk in making them my peers,
since I was just as likely to make a poor decision as they were (if
not more so), and if they didn't like something, it would certainly
benefit from a re-examination.  Surely we have people in the GDB
community in addition to Andrew who have earned that level of trust.

The global write maintainers already have this responsability. Every so often there needs to be a `judgment call'(1) which falls to the gdb head (again `the buck stops'). On the whole, though, the group should be discusses technical issues selecting designs based solely on their relative merits.

One thing I do do though, is nip debates that are re-flogging head issues, in the bud. Proposals for making GDB LGPL, for instance.


(1) The last one I remember making was adopting gdb/cli/cli-*.[hc] for cli file names and for that one I tossed a coin.

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