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Re: [maint] The GDB maintenance process

Of course, if contributors are frustrated by the slow review rate, let's
try to improve that (see my other mail).  But let's not obscure our view
of the problem by discussing abstract issues of ``progress''.  An
official release every 3 months is more than enough progress for my

Not if there's nothing much new in it.  Which is a bit of an
exaggeration, before anyone calls me on it - but still pretty well
expresses my point.

It is closer to 6 months. The releases are not tied to specific new features (as that is consistently a schedule derailing disaster). Even with that time frame the releases consistently contain significant new features or fixes.

The next release, for instance, will contain a significant upgrade to MI. That is critical to the GNU project and GDB. It will also contain objective C. Depending on how long this debate drags out for, it will also contain remote file I/O, remote gprov/gcov, Motorola's SPE and Altivec simulators, ....

(at a less visible level, it also contains a rewritten frame and register framework)


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