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Re: gdb + dynamic libs problem

On Feb 18,  2:08pm, Lev Assinovsky wrote:

> I try to debug the application where dynamic objects 
> are loaded through user's dlopen explicit call.
> The only way to set breakpoint in .so is to open source after 
> .so got loaded (I have to detect this moment myself).

GDB can help you with this if you you do ``set stop-on-solib-events 1''.
You'll probably want to do this well after your program has started
though to avoid stopping every time one of the shared libraries specified
on the link line gets loaded.

> I perform source opening by issue the commands "shared library" and
> "list <file>:1".

Have you disabled ``auto-solib-add''?  If not, you shouldn't need to
invoke the ``sharedlibrary'' command directly.  I.e, gdb should
automatically load the shared libraries for you (unless you've told it
not to).

> But if the source file is big gdb get crash.
> It there any way to increase gdb resources to consume 
> larger files (symbol tables?)

Which platform are you running on?  On most platforms, gdb should
be able to use whatever resources the operating system is able to
give it.  Thus, you may need to play around with ulimit, adjusting
the amount of memory, swap space, etc.


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