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Re: [ECOS] Can't connect to remote Evaluator 7T

Pierre Habraken wrote:
Here is the contents of gdblog.txt :
w +$Hc-1#09
r <Timeout: 2 seconds>

Oh, my mistake, you really are reading absolutely nothing from the target, rather than it being corruption.

What is strange is that if I quit gdb and then launch kermit at once
without resetting the board, then redboot is there responding to
commands such as 'version'.

If it is, then it can't have received anything from GDB that told it to switch to GDB remote protocol mode. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to as it would be expecting GDB output.

About the serial settings, I did not find any gdb command allowing to
change anything but the baudrate. I know that the speed is correct
(38400) but have no idea concerning the others parameters (parity,

Unfortunately GDB can't. I suggest you look at flow control and ensure that is off. Also make sure nothing else is accessing the serial port at the time. Try minicom instead of ckermit just in case.

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