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Re: [maint] The GDB maintenance process

Which reminds me.  We've got two GNATS databases set up for GDB: 'gdb'
and 'gdb-patches'.  Should we use the gdb-patches GNATS database to
separate them from bug reports?

No!!!! That gdb-patches database should be deleted. It's dead.

People already have to track:

- gdb@
- gdb-patches@
- gnats@

and that is to complicated for some. At least, by having both patches and bugs in a single database, we've a one stop-shop. A better change is to dump gdb-patches@

TBH, I've been avoiding it because I don't know the slightest thing
about the h8300 and it seemed like someone (I don't remember who -
MichaelS maybe?) did.  If I'm wrong then one of us is just going to
have to suck it up and learn about the h8300... yay, another project.

No worse than having me review them. All that can be done is review them at a coding / broad architectural level and assume that the contributor, given that they are using the target, have it working. Knowing that they run the testsuite also helps.


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