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How to define shared libray symbol file for GDB in cross debug environment?

Hi, all:

Here I have trouble in using GDB.

I am in a cross-compiler environment. Host is x86 PC and target is xscale-arm. I've been succeeding in connect arm-gdbserver from host PC. Also I loaded symbol file of my binary - elf.out. But now the trouble is:

There is some shared libraies like I want to load it in host as a symbol file. GDB 'sharedlibrary' command just search this shared-symbol-file in a fixed path - /usr/lib. I could not copy to /usr/lib cause there is a x86 shared library there with the same name. I can't change it now.

So my question is how to direct gdb-host to load shared library symbol file in specific path, for example, /myhome/target(/

Thanks in advance,

Kenny Yu (Xuanwei)

PCS R&D, Motorola
108, Jian Guo Road, Chao Yang District,
Beijing, China (100022)
Tel: (86) 10 - 6564 1346
Fax: (86) 10 - 6566 8542

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