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Re: newbie gdb help...

I use the "frame" command that lets me know where I am again.  An interrupt 
(cntrl-c ) command should stop GDB.  Are you using the command line?

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 02:38:10PM -0600, christopher j bottaro wrote:
> hello,
> i just started using gdb yesterday.  i've read a lot of the manual and to my 
> suprise, gdb is pretty easy to use.  i got pretty comfortable navagating thru 
> the stack, the source, setting break and watch points, etc...
> anyways, i have 2 questions that i couldn't find in the documentation:
> 1)  command to show you what line is about to be executed.  sometimes after 
> many print commands, and many list commands, i lose track of where i am in 
> the program's execution.
> 2)  when i resume execution of my program with the continue command, is there 
> anyway to break it again from within gdb?  while the program is running 
> (after issuing the continue command), gdb seems to ignore any input i try to 
> tell it.
> thanks for the help,
> -- christopher

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