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Re: An Annotated Proposal

After a long discussion, and going through the mailing list archives,
the cgdb development team concluded that we should start the
implementation of a GDB/MI front-end that includes a full-fledged
console. We will attempt to work with other projects in order to build
a general purpose library to this end.

I've just posted the patche for implementing MI. This will be committed tomorrow. After that, I intend modifying the option parser so that it prints a warning indicating that level-two annotations are obsolete if --annotate=2 is specified on the command line.

The actual removal of annotate=2 support won't be scheduled until after the next release of GDB. Current best guess on GDB 5.4/6.0 release date is Apr/May.

In the mean time we ask that annotate=2 not be removed from the source.
If it is removed, then there will be a release that cgdb potentially
does not (and cannot) work with. This might be especially true if we
find critical bugs (in the MI code, for example) after 5.4 has been
released. Perhaps a large warning could be printed if anybody enables
Ideally all annotations support would be removed at once so that all
front-ends are guaranteed to be either using annotations or MI.

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