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gdb 5.3 versus gdb HEAD%20030201

GDB test suite regressions from 5.3 to HEAD%20030201 (draft #1)

[This is not finished.  I wanted to spit this out before I go off
 to enjoy a Sunday in Manhattan.  I will put up a detailed analysis

These results are based on the data that I used for the Sunday Project
report of 2003-02-01:

Between gdb 5.3 and gdb HEAD%20030201, 18 files in testsuite/gdb.mi were
renamed from 'mi0-*.exp' to 'mi1-*.exp'.  I have to accommodate this
when I compare test results.  So I changed my results cruncher: it
transforms both 'mi0-*.exp' and 'mi1-*.exp' to 'mi[01]-*.exp', so that
the results become comparable.  It's a bit of a kludge.

There's a serious problem with stabs+ in gcc gcc-3_3-branch and gcc
HEAD.  Both gdb 5.3 and gdb HEAD%20030201 report a lot of FAILs with
these gcc's.  Technically, this is not a regression in gdb.  But we're
going to suck down a lot of bug reports if we release a gdb that does
not work well with the upcoming gcc 3.3, which is tentatively scheduled
for 2003-03-01.  These bad results have been there since the big gcc
merge and the creation of gcc-3_3-branch.  I've been tardy at looking
into them.

I analyzed results which disimproved from gdb 5.3 to gdb HEAD plus
non-PASS results from new tests in gdb HEAD.  I did not analyze results
which improved from gdb 5.3 to gdb HEAD.

All test runs are native i686-pc-linux-gnu on a red hat linux 8 system.
I test with gcc v2 and v3, several versions of binutils, and both
dwarf-2 and stabs+.

Most of the results are either:

  . New tests that do not PASS ("null -> XXX").  These need investigation,
    but most of them will turn out to be existing bugs in 5.3.

  . Known unstable tests in annota2.exp, killed.exp, schedlock.exp.
    Some of these are bugs in gdb but they are not regressions from 5.3.

  . Bits of the big problem with stabs+ support with gcc gcc-3_branch
    and gcc HEAD.

Michael C


  . gdb.base/advance.exp: advance function called as param
    gdb.base/advance.exp: advance function not called by current frame
    gdb.base/advance.exp: advance with no argument
    gdb.base/advance.exp: continue to call to func3 in main
    gdb.base/until.exp: until func, not called by current frame
      null -> FAIL
      all v3

      Bug in the test script.

  . gdb.base/constvars.exp: ptype crass
      null -> XFAIL
      all stabs+

  . gdb.base/constvars.exp: ptype crisp
      null -> XFAIL
      v2 stabs+

  . gdb.base/ending-run.exp: continue after exit
      null -> UNSUPPORTED
      every configuration

  . gdb.c++/annota2.exp: annotate-quit

  . gdb.c++/casts.exp: cast base class pointer to derived class pointer
      null -> FAIL
	stabs+ with gcc gcc-3_3-branch, gcc HEAD
      null -> UNRESOLVED
	dwarf-2 with gcc HEAD
    gdb.c++/casts.exp: let compiler cast base class pointer to derived class pointer
      null -> FAIL
	stabs+ with gcc gcc-3_3-branch, gcc HEAD

  . gdb.c++/classes.exp: ptype struct default_public_struct
      unresolved -> XFAIL
	dwarf-2 with gcc HEAD

  . gdb.c++/local.exp: ptype Local
      FAIL -> FAIL
      dwarf-2 with gcc v3

  . gdb.c++/pr-574.exp: PR gdb/574
      null -> FAIL
      stabs+ with gcc gcc-3_3-branch, gcc HEAD

  . gdb.mi/gdb701.exp: create fooPtr
      null -> FAIL
      dwarf-2 with gcc v2, gcc 3.2.1, gcc gcc-3_2-branch, gcc 3.2-7-rh

  . gdb.mi/gdb792.exp: list children of class C
      null -> FAIL
      stabs+ with gcc gcc-3_3-branch, gcc HEAD

  . gdb.threads/killed.exp: GDB exits after multi-threaded program exits messily (PR ...)
      pass -> KFAIL

  . gdb.threads/schedlock.exp: *

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