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Re: Final separate debug info patch

Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes:
> On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 12:04:02AM -0500, Jim Blandy wrote:
> > There are some problems at the moment: DejaGNU has the name "unix"
> > hard-coded into it, and thinks that anything with another name is a
> > remote board.  Some tests won't run if the target is remote.  I think
> > I know how to persuade it that unix-separate-debug is still not a
> > remote target, but I'm just going to post this as is for the time
> > being.
> FYI, I do this.  Here's how.  This is a simple board description file
> which just uses a different C compiler, since GDB wasn't honoring CC:
> <quote>
> # The canonical unix board description.
> load_generic_config "unix";
> set_board_info compiler  "gcc-3.2";
> set_board_info c++compiler  "g++-3.2";
> global board
> proc ${board}_init { whole_name } {
>   global board_info
>   set board_info(unix3.2,isremote) 0;
> }
> </quote>
> Replace unix3.2 with whatever goes before the .exp.  The ${board} bit
> is necessary and becomes something involving the local hostname, IIRC.

Okay --- that works.  Here's the latest iteration:

load_base_board_description "unix"

set strip_to_file_program "/home/jimb/elfutils/bin/strip"

proc ${current_target_name}_compile {source dest type options} {
    global strip_to_file_program

    # Run the standard compilation procedure.
    set result [default_target_compile $source $dest $type $options]

    # If it didn't succeed, return directly.
    if {[string compare $result ""] != 0} {
        return $result

    # Otherwise, strip the executable and copy its debug info to a
    # separate file, leaving only a pointer behind.
    if {[string compare $type executable] == 0} {
        exec $strip_to_file_program -f ${dest}.separate-debug ${dest}

proc ${board}_init { whole_name } {
    global board_info
    set board_info(unix-separate-debug,isremote) 0

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