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Re: Thread Support for remote debugging

>> No, he means "knowing whether GDB and GDB Server support doing remote
>> debugging at all", as far as I can tell.
>> We've covered this ground a couple times lately :)  Someone promised to
>> contribute thread support and dropped off the face of the earth.  It's
>> on my TODO list, but I don't anticipate getting to it any time soon.
>> Etc.

(I recall the discussion, from memory one of the problems was the paper 
trail).  Daniel, you might consider doing what I do with my TODO list - 
just shove it all into GDB's bug database as change-requests :-)

> If you are talking about me, I had it done more than one year ago:
>, see section about gdb.

Daniel isn't.

> The problem is that (1) redhat never said 'yes we want it' so it is
> sitll based on 4.18, (2) there are a few issues which could be
> resolved one way or anotehr an readhat never said 'we want it this way'.

(GDB is owned by the FSF (not Red Hat) and it is assumed that GDB 
developers put the FSF's interests before their own.)

GDB currently comes with:

	These are primative stubs that can be run on embedded boards.
	They appear to be public domain.

	This lets you debug a native UNIX program on a remote machine.
	It is GPLed.  It is owned by the FSF.
	Within the embedded community I suspect it is a hot product
	since it lets the developer debug a UNIX application
	running on the embedded machine remotely.

My understanding of rproxy was that it could be linked with third party 
libraries and provide a remote protocol interface to JTAG devices and 
the like.  I wasn't aware that it could be used to do remote debugging 
of native applications.

As for making rproxy part of GDB, I'm certainly interested (I didn't 
know you were looking to do this).  Since gdbserver is both owned by the 
FSF and is GPL, I would need to ensure that its replacement is no less 
``free''. Would you be willing to contribute rproxy to the FSF?


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