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Re: [maint] Obsolete ARM

> > 
> > PS.  When is that patch I submitted a week ago going to be reviewed?
> People tend to assume that an RFC only gets comment if needed.  If no 
> one yells within a reasonable period of time (few days to a week) it 
> gets to go in.
> For instance I removed IEEE_FLOAT.  I did it as an RFC (left it on the 
> table for a week) before committing.

Hmm, this IMO is bad.  It means that trivial patches end up taking ages to 
get through on the "no-one has objected rule", and makes development 
tediously slow.

With this approach multi-arching a back-end is going to take approximately 
forever, with

10mins-1hour to make a change (most of the changes tend towards the 

1-2 hours to run the testsuite (probably more at the moment with all the 
timeouts I'm getting)

1-2 weeks to get the patch committed.

Since I can't really start developing the next change until the first has 
gone in (to do otherwise would require multiple source trees, which leads 
to confusion which leads to mistakes) it means I'm developing on GDB with 
less than 1% efficiency.


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