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Re: How does one cross-compile gdbserver?

>> > I don't give it good odds of compiling.  I've tried several times to
>> > clean that up and gotten stymied in various people's objections to my
>> > methods (sorry Andrew).  I'll be taking another stab at it this week I
>> > think.
>> :-)
>> I've been thinking about making it obsolete.  Not that I want to lose
>> it.  Rather that it clears the slate and removes any obligation to keep
>> other targets working.
> If you make gdbserver obsolete, what would you replace it with?


> There's no question that some sort of remote debugging probe
> is a must for embedded development (personally, I use printf,
> but 90% of developers would much prefer to use a debugger).

The current GDBSERVER is rapidly decaying.  This is occuring chiefly 
because core gdb is being multi-arched (multi-arch is about a GDB with 
support for multiple architectures / OSs / shlibs).

I don't think Daniel's core problem is being stymied by peoples 
objections but rather the obligation to keep (or at least try to keep) 
existing gdbservers working.

If GDBSERVER is declared obsolete or (a better way of putting it) 
completly broken then the obligation to keep things working really isn't 


PS: Daniel, did you ever do that signals.h header file?

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