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Re: How does one cross-compile gdbserver?

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> Seriously - my opinion is that it is totally broken at the present
> time, that I can fix it for one platform at a time, and that it would
> be cleaner if I first declared it broken for all targets.  If you're
> more open to this idea now, I'll kick into high gear on it.  I can
> probably get all the Linux and most of the *BSD targets fixed; all
> current-ish Solaris systems aren't even supported because gdbserver
> never grokked /proc, and the other supported systems are mostly
> obsolete or last tested on obsolete versions.

As a dumb Linux programmer who has peeked briefly into gdbserver's code, 
I vote for declaring gdbserver totally broken on all platforms
if that's what it takes to get it fixed up cleanly.

I would of course prefer that Linux be the first OS the new
gdbserver is developed for :-)   For what it's worth,
I would like to use it with ppc405, ppc750, and sh4.
My users are starting to scream for it...

- Dan

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