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Re: autoconfiscating top level directory -- info wanted

On Sun, 27 Jan 2002, Stan Shebs wrote:
> [Redirecting to GDB list]
> Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> > 
> > My next patch is to autoconfiscate the remainder of the 'utils'
> > directory.  It *looks* like this is part of GDB, and so should be
> > submitted to gdb-patches -- is this correct?
> Yep, but before you spend too much on it, you should be aware
> that the a29k has just been obsoleted, which means that the
> code in utils/amd-udi and utils/msdos is obsolete too.  The
Um... that's lovely.  Thank you for making my job significantly easier.
Msdos was the only one which looked truly difficult.

> programs in utils/sparclite are quite likely obsolete also,
> check Fujitsu's website to see if they even still make the
> boards in question.  Even utils/wince is on the chopping block,
> again because the support has been abandoned.
> That leaves spu, which is my code and which I've been
> considering making into a "real" GNU program that sits alongside
> the other programs.  Autoconfiscation of it would be worthwhile
> and much appreciated.
> Stan


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