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mmap on Linux broken???

I tried to use the -mapped option of gdb to dump the symbol table into a 
memory mapped file, but gdb compains that mmap() is not available on my 
system---either missig or broken?  I am using Mandrake 8.1 which has the 
2.4.8 kernel.   I thought memory mapped files was available on Linux---am I 

>Why do you think that? I've been of the impression that you can't take
>even part of the code. I don't even know if you can call binutils without
>the code having to be copyleft. I recall hearing of other programs having
>to remove calls to GNU libraries just to stay out of the copyleft 

Hmm... this means that you can't create a proprietory GUI for gdb...right?   
Anyone heard of such a thing?  Sorry this is getting off topic into 
licensing issues.

So this means that if you use in your proprietory software a call to 
CreateProcess() or exec() to launch binutils (objdump) it would be illegal?  
Also what if you use objdump standalone and create a dump file.  Then you 
parse the dump file using your own code?


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