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Re: [Fwd: Cron <gdbadmin@sources> sh $HOME/ss/do-all-gdb-snapshots]

On Sun, 20 Jan 2002, Andrew Cagney wrote:

> FYI, you were right, CVS doesn't like you! :=)

Probably my fault, at least to some extent, but my opinion that the
CVS has several counter-intuitive aspects in its UI has until now
fallen on deaf ears (yes, I actually spoke to some of the CVS
developers and was told that I didn't understand ``the CVS way'').

Anyway, how do you add a new file on a branch?

What happened to me is that I had no problems with "cvs add" on the
trunk, followed by "cvs ci" on the trunk.  On the branch, I think I
mistakenly typed "cvs ci" first, without having fdl.texi present in
the directory, and was told that ``a newly born fdl.texi
disappeared''.  I then remembered that I missed "cvs add" and did
that, only to be told that ``someone else already added it''.  After
that, "cvs ci" refused to work, demanding that I do "cvs add" first...

What am I missing?

One of the things I can never remember is when do you have to use the
"-r TAG" switch with CVS commands issued on the branch.  So I tend to
always use that switch, which is perhaps incorrect with "cvs add".

> Should the FDL and ``Free Software Needs Free Documentation'' blurbs be 
> added to the GDB Internals Manual?

I asked Richard Stallman, and he replied that it's okay to have only
one FDL in a collection of documents that are distributed together.
The same situation exists with Emacs, so we are in a good company ;-)

> Also, should the main GDB manual include a printed copy of the GPL. 

I don't know.  In general, GDB is considered one of the few
``important packages'' that are part of GNU software, so having the
GPL in the manual is probably a good idea.  GCC, for example, does
have such a section.  And we even have a section for it ("Free
Software"), which now just tells what the GPL is.

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