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I've searched various gdb source directorys and with Google for a
stub for communicating with ia64. I've monified a ia32 version of kdb 
stub that Andi Kleen sent me about half wroking with gdb on a ia64. 
The registeres after gr31 are giving me problems.

I have to sort out linking problems with gdb on my system to dig
into the problem. If could be that the GDB monitor.c code isn't
working right due to the definitions of register sizes for things
like the 1 bit prediction registers. It's difficult to be sure wihout
modifying the gdb code so I can have it wait till I attach gdb to it
prior to it's sending the 'g' packet. It's appears to be asking for memory 
locations relative to values in the 1st 32 general registers to find
the other registers. I haven't seen anything that explains that behavior,
so I likely have to checkout whats going on within gdb.

I just thought I'd make sure I'm not duplicating any existing work
that's available under the GNU license. I've looked for an exsiting 
ia64-stub.c and currently it looks like none are available. If not
I would think it would be easy after the user space skdb.c works for


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