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Re: gdb daemon

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Per Dalgas Jakobsen wrote:

> Hi
> I have been looking around for a gdb daemon for remote debugging
> on i386 targets.
> The gdbserver doesn't seem to be exactly what I'm looking for,
> but I might have misunderstood - I hope someone can help me with this
> one:
> 1) I need to be able to attach a gdb to a remote target ;-)
> 2) I would like to use the "load" feature, which (if I understood it
> correctly) allows you to start debugging an application on target
> without manually uploading it to the target first (the load command
> does that for you).
> 3) I would like to be able to attach the debugger to an already
> running application on target (having the source on host).
> 4) It will be nice (but not critical) if one could include it into
> the inetd services, allowing several debugging sessions to be started
> simultaneously on the same target.
> 5) User space debugging is sufficient, but if kernel space debugging
> is also possible: COOL!!!

It seems to me that there is no way to satisfy your demands except by

1. Modifying gdbserver - to support load and attach functionality
2. Modifying gdb remote protocol and remote.c to support remote process
   listing and remote attach.

IMHO, you can pretty much get by (1)developing minor modification of
gdbserver allowing it to optionally execute `continue' upon loading
the application and (2) writing a simple script which will ftp appcode and
start it under gdb server.

It is not going to be as cool but it will cover at least 90% of your
needs with a very minor development efforts.

> Regards
> Per



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