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Re: Huge Apple gdb code dropping^H^H^H^H

At 03:59 AM 11/29/01, Jason Molenda wrote:

>Objective C is a version of C with classes from NeXT.  It uses
>brackets a lot, and its programmers think it's a great language. :-)
>Most importantly to gdb, ObjC names have no mangled form and have
>lots of spaces in them - you'll see symbol names like "-[NSExcpetion
>raise]" and that's how it looks at all stages of compilation/reading.


This is good news!  Objective C is one of the languages supported by 
gcc.  It is also the language used in the GNUstep project, which brings 
NeXTSTEP/OpenStep capability to Linux, BSD, Windoze, etc.  Of importance to 
me, it allows a project I wrote for NeXTSTEP/OpenStep to run on Linux.

Objective C support has not been part of mainline gdb for several years - 
at least since gdb 4.17.  There have been "unofficial" patches for 4.17, 
4.18, and 5.0, but as gdb has evolved over the years it has become 
increasingly difficult to port the unofficial patches to each successive 
version of gdb.  Having the Objective C support code be part of the 
official, mainline of gdb is something I've wanted for the last couple of 


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