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Re: [Fwd: [Fwd: Caught signal 9 in core file ????]]

Hi Peter,

> > I can see why you would want to preserve the signal, but shouldn't you
> > also preserve the PID (and any other core related data) as well ?  In
> > fact isn't this really a multithreading problem, with a single BFD
> > structure being used to represent multiple (potential) thread cores ?
> It wouldn't matter for Solaris (and as I said, using the first note section
> for the signal in the currently running thread is a Solaris convention, which
> might not be true on other platforms), as prstat.pr_pid is the same for all
> threads.
> Using per thread signal/pid descriptions would gain nothing on Solaris, as
> the pid is all the same and the signal in all not currently running threads
> is SIGKILL. I suspect that something similar will happen on other platforms
> as well though.

Fair enough, in which case I will apply the patch.  I realise that
this is not a full solution, but if it helps to get the ball rolling,
then that is a good thing.


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