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breakpoints in shared libraries

A while back I changed Insight so that it would save and restore
breakpoints.  This is really handy, but it has a problem that I think
requires changes to gdb itself.

Suppose I set a breakpoint in a shared library.  I find on my Linux
box I can only do this after the inferior has been started.  So I use
`b main', then `run', then set the breakpoints I really care about.
(This gets old fast, btw.)

When Insight saves breakpoints, it doesn't know about this.  How could
it?  So it saves everything.  When I restart Insight and load my old
session, the breakpoints that are interesting to me don't load,
because gdb doesn't yet know about the shared libraries.

How can this be fixed?  I don't know the answer.  One idea I had is to
annotate each breakpoint with information about what shared library it
comes from.  Then, defer processing for that breakpoint until the
shared library is actually loaded by the inferior.

Maybe there would be other ways to accomplish the same thing.  It
would be nice if I didn't ever have to do the whole `b main; r' thing
in the first place.  But as it stands this problem is a real
impediment to my typical uses for gdb.


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