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Re: Wrong mapping pc to line numbers when listing coff

Andrew Volkov writes:
 > Hi Elena,
 > As I understand (may be I wrong :), file gdb/symtab.c belong to you. Well, I
 > found next bug/incorrectness in find_pc_sect_line function:
 >  When I build coff target from c++ files (with templates) and debugging it,
 > then find_pc_sect_line return wrong start line number. It's because this
 > function consider that symbol with lower pc then current pc (argument of
 > find_pc_sect_line) is belong to first line (or vice versa), this is not
 > always correct, especcially for functions. In functions first line came
 > after prologs, and hence, best.pc (and best.line) must be greater then
 > current pc. I could correct this incorrectness, but it will be better, if
 > you tell me your ideas about this situation.
 > Regards,
 > Andrey

yes I am one of the maintainers for that file.

Could you provide an example where this situation occurs?
Also a backtrace from find_pc_sect_line could be useful.

Have you verified that the debug information for your program is correct?


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