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Re: How should we handle filenames containing spaces

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Fernando Nasser wrote:

> I am in favor of double-quotes for handling these cases as it is an
> accepted practice on Unix-like systems.
> As Andrew mentions below, this may interfere with completion
> (although I think completion can be easily fixed to handle file names
> that start with double quotes if it is not doing it already).

Andrew is right: file-name completion currently doesn't support quoting 
with double quotes.  See below.

> Eli?

I don't mind double quotes in principle, but I have two observations:

  - GDB uses single quotes when symbols require quoting (in particular, 
    for C++ symbols).

  - The current file-name completion also supports single quotes, but 
    doesn't support double quotes.  I wrote it that way because single 
    quotes seemed to be ``the GDB way'' of quoting, so I wanted to be 
    compliant.  (This also avoids the issues with file names that have 
    embedded double quotes, but that's an unintended bonus, no more.)

So perhaps we should consider single quotes instead of double ones, given 
the tradition, the current code, and the fact that the manual preaches 
single-quote quoting style.

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