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Re: MultiICE, gdb and parallel port

Dan Hovang wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get arm-elf-gdb 5.0 (to be more precise, insight)
> to run using a MultiICE over the parallel port. After some failed
> attempts using "target rdi p=/dev/lp0" and similar I began
> tracing the gdb code and found that there are three protocols to
> use; serial, ethernet and serpar. It seems like the serpar
> would be my best bet, but from what I can read from the source it
> uses BOTH serial and parallel connections at the same time; serial
> for reads and parallel for writes. My MultiICE has parallel interface
> only.

Good point.  I don't have any device like that here so I was thinking
of P as parallel port only but, of course, you are right: it is actually
a combination of serial and parallel.

Are you sure your MultiICE device will work fine if you can communicate
with it (by writing a parallel driver)?  If it speaks the Angel protocol
it probably will.  But I guess the only way to know is to try and write
the driver...

Anyway, if you decide to do that, please talk to me first so we can get
to sign an assignment to FSF.  This way we can incorporate your driver
the GDB code and other people can benefit from it as well.


> I want to use gdb. What to do? Should I implement a parallel only
> driver for gdb? It does not seem like that much work; the driver
> infrastructure is real nifty. But any help would be most appreciated.
> Thanks,
>  Dan
> "Gathright, Dave" wrote:
> >
> > first you have to compile a version of gdb for arm. i am currently
> > using gdb-5.0, and it works well. then connect to your ICE or Angel
> > debugger using the "target rdi X=Y" command, where X is the
> > interface type and Y is the specific interface ('E' is ethernet,
> > e.g. e=; 'S' is serial, e.g., s=/dev/tty0; and P is
> > parallel port, e.g. p=/dev/lp0). now you can load your executable
> > (compiled with -g option, of course). there are some features that
> > may need to be disabled if your are using a JTAG ICE. my target
> > has ROM at address zero, so in gdb i have to 'set rdiromatzero 1'
> > to disable vector catching and semi-hosting.
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Fernando Nasser
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