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Re: Building gdb for sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8

Thanks for all of your replies.  I should have looked
at the build status results of gcc 3.0 which clearly
states that 64 bit for sparc is not supported.  It
looks like we will have to wait for 3.1.

--- Dan Nicolaescu <dann@godzilla.ICS.UCI.EDU> wrote:
> Eric Aversa <> writes:
>   > Very curious. I have seen lots of reports of
> people who could not
>   > compile gcc-3.0 on Solaris 8 in 64 bit mode or
> make it work. I
>   > have had no problem (as I assume Deb has
> succeeded as well...?)
> The problem is not compiling GCC-3.0 in 64bit mode.
> It's the fact that
> the compiler that you get will not generate correct
> 64bit SPARC
> binaries. It does not implement the sparcv9 ABI
> correctly.
>   > I have compiled all of my applications with
> gcc-3.0 applications and
>   > they work fine and seem to conform completely to
> the LP-64 spec (I can run
>   > appplications which
>   > print sizeof(long) and sizeof(char*) and they
> say 8 and my other C
>   > applications work fine. I am
>   > just limited to printf statements for
> debugging...
> You probably got lucky and didn't hit any of the
> bugs...
> BUT you are using a compiler in a configuration
> _documented by its
> developers_ as *not* working, so you are on your
> own...
> You might want to give a shot to a current GCC
> snapshot from:
>   > Where can I find the install.texi
> It should be in the gcc/doc/install.texi in the GCC
> source tree. 
> Or you can use the web interface for the GCC CVS
> repository: 
>         --dan

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