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Re: Port to x86-64

Andrew Cagney <> writes:

> Jiri Smid wrote:
> > 
> >  Hello,
> > 
> > My name is Jiri Smid and I work for SuSE CR.
> > SuSE works on porting Linux to new 64-bit AMD processors.
> > I will work on port GDB.

If we do introductions here, let's continue: I'm one of the glibc
developers and port glibc to x86-64.  I might work in some parts
together with Jiri on gdb.

> This is good, really good - you've raised the flag early!
> I can note/suggest the following:
> 	o	get that assignment in order

I'll send assign.future and the company disclaimer to Jiri, I hope
that's all.  My papers are already ok, they've been filed last year.

> 		Remember, GDB can only accept the code
> 		if the copyright of the work is all
> 		in order.  It is best to start working
> 		on this one now so that you don't get
> 		hit with it at the end.
> 		Part of this is ensuring that all
> 		people contributing to your GDB have
> 		a valid assignment in place.
> 	o	submit the configury mess early
> 		even if you don't have real code
> 		could I suggest thinking about
> 		separating this out so that
> 		you can get on with the real
> 		work.
> 		This also avoids the age old
> 		problem of things going into
> 		a tail spin while people agree
> 		on the correct name :-)
> 	o	Your code will need to use
> 		the multi-arch framework.
> 	o	You should watch out for
> 		the GNU coding standard.
> 		As they say, no pain, no gain :-)
> I also wonder if you actually need a separate CVS repository and
> couldn't just live on a branch of the official GDB repository?  It
> should make merging a lot easier.

Working on a branch might be the better idea.  Shall Jiri send his ssh
key to you for setting this up?  Jiri, what do you prefer?

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs

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